Top PDF Student Guides (by country)


Top PDF Student Guides (by country)

While browsing through official welcoming pages for international students, made by the governments of different European countries, I was unpleasantly stunned by the fact, that a comprehensive student guide, including in just a single PDF file all the information you need to know in order to be prepared to your studies (education system, visa requirements, living costs, health insurance etc.) is not an obvious feature.

Well, nowadays even the governments are able to build fancy web portals with pretty design and content, but imagine how would it be fantastic to download and/or print out a PDF document that gives you the information about the country of your studies at a glance even if you are offline?

That's why DAADyCool wants to praise some countries, whose official institutions took the trouble to put together all theit bureaucratic stuff and converted it into PDF in order to make the international applicants well-prepared.

So let's start (in alphabetical order).

by the way...


my personal top of the collest welcoming pages (regarding design and content): 

Czech Republic 






the Netherlands




This guide gives some information regarding the living and working in Austria, but here you can find a full overview of degree programmes in the country. 

Published: 2004. 

Responsible: OeAD (Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research).

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This guide is dedicated mainly to PhD researches, but it encompasses almost all aspects of live in Austria, from visa and entry requirements up to the child care etc. 

Published in Vienna, 2016. 

Publisher: EURAXESS Austria, in cooperation with OeAD. 

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Czech Republic 

Everything from basic things to the details. 

Published: 2014.

Responsible: Centre for International Cooperation in Education.

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Destination: Estonia. Relocation Guide 

It's a general stuff for everyone, who wants to move to Estonia. But I found it on, that's why it meets the target audience too, mainly the PhD researchers. 

Published by Estonian Investment Agency / Enterprise Estonia

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An International Researcher's Guide to Estonia 

Well, PhD first. Again. Nevertheless this guide is quite comprehensive and it contains information which is very useful as an "survival manual" even for young international applicants and students. 

Published by Estonian Research Council and co-financed by the European Commission and by the European Regional Development Fund.

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This guide with the key facts about all aspects of the student life in France is provided by Campus France, an official institution for promoting the country's educational system. 

Published: 2017. 

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Germany doesn't need more to promote its educational system through the brochures and PDF-guides.  But the published stuff should be updated though. I just leave one of them, from 2013.

Published by DAAD

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It's rather a brochure, and it calls so officially. But it's better than nothing and this pocket guide is perfect for beginners. 

Published: 2017. 

Responsible: Enterprise Ireland.

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The guide for Latvia provides both information regarding the studies as well as some practical information. Quite enough to survive at the very beginnings of study and living in the country. 

Published by: Study in Latvia, a national agencymanaged by Academic Information Centre (AIC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science. 

Open the document here.

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