Learn basic Dutch – it’s free!


Learn basic Dutch - it's free!

Study in the Netherlands 

Every day I discover new things - the slowpoke like me didn't know that the free courses plattform FutureLearn does ever exist. Nevermind. The reason I'm sitting with my coffee in the middle of the night is that the University of Groningen is going to teach all of us a couple of words in Dutch on FutureLearn. The guys from Groningen placed for this purpose a free online course Introduction to Dutch which starts on February 27. Due to a variety of study programmes and scholarships it really deserves a glance. 

The aim of this three-weeks course is to give you fundamentals of the Dutch language, including vocabulary for everyday activities up to the shopping or going out to a restaurant. So this course looks like an almost perfect solution for international students who are enrolled in English programmes and need Dutch only in order to survive in the country. 


Meet Wim Tomassen from the Language Centre of Groningen University

Link to the course


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