Two-year MA in Journalism, Media and Globalisation


Another great opportunity for non-EU students to study with a scholarship in at least two European countries is realistic thanks to the two-year Erasmus Mundus Journalism Masters programme, which accepts the applications until 10.01.2018.

The 2018/20 programme is opened to all applicants worldwide who have completed their Bachelor degrees in Arts/Humanities or Social Science, possess the English skills at the level of 7,0 IELTS (if not a native speaker) and have at least three months of journalistic experience. Despite being quite challenging, the programme is very competitive, with 80-90 selected students from nearly 500 applicants each year (according to the programme's website). From those selected places only 30 will be founded. 14 scholarships in the value of 47,000 EUR (including the covering of tuition fees) will be granted to the non-EU/EEA citizens, the sane conditions are applicable for 4 extra scholarships to the students from Latin America. 2 students from the EU/EEA countries will get 34,000 EUR scholarships (see requirements). The rest will have to pay tuition fees (18,000 EUR for non-EU students and 9,000 for EU/EEA students. So sad.

The first-year MA in Journalism, Media and Globalisation will compulsory take place in Aarhus, Denmark, at the Aarhus University as well as at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The second year offers 4 places corresponding to the topics of specialisation:

So if you want to know more, visit the website of the programme.

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