Study in the Czech Republic: An overview


About a half a year ago the Centre for International Cooperation in Education of the Czech Republic relaunched its website with a new cute design, and there is a high time to browse through it and to check its main features like scholarships section or degree programmes.

The site is easy to navigate and all the main features are clearly visible. Just below the presentation video, you can type in a name of a programme you are looking for. The scholarships information is to be found very quickly on the navigation bar after moving the mouse towards "Study" section. It makes a reason to do it just because the application for the Visegrad scholarships are still open. (Click here to see more).

If you choose the section "Publications", you can download the guides about all the information around the study in the Czech Republic. For example, the catalogue of higher education institutions - a very useful stuff!

And of course, the presentation video is a nice one:

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